our story

In 2010, we moved from the concrete jungles of chicago to rural and beautiful northeast Connecticut, aspiring to live more simply, naturally and adventurously...

...and grow some flowers.

With record rainfall that spring, and two small boys (soon there would be three!) traipsing through fields and house, muddy feet flower farm was born.

my plan was to raise organic flowers, make our homestead beautiful, and guide our family in more peaceful surroundings.

I was an avid urban gardener and had landscaped every square inch of our postage stamp yard. I would sit on our back stoop, count the wires running off the telephone pole in the alley, and dream about a small flower farm with pond.

we knew nothing about farming or country living. we used a backhoe to dig out raised beds and move tons of rocks. we learned about irrigation, and bugs, and growing sunflowers from seed. and we started paying attention to the weather.

I had spent 20 years as a theater artist, acting, directing and producing large-scale events with Chicago's critically acclaimed Redmoon Theater. (that's me in the mask!) my husband, a writer, producer, college professor and chief hole digger, moved his media company, Elephant Rock Productions, and decided to dive into book publishing(you can read some of his pontifications at:http://www.drunkenboat.com/db10/04non/burrello/speed.html and http://www.hypertextmag.com/2012/02/13/gimme-shelter/).

we are the passionate lunatics.

our older boys have slowly begun to shed their urban beginnings and settle in.

the baby on the other hand...