Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer Flowers

It's been business as usual here at the farm, with flowers being planted, tended, harvested arranged and sold. Mother nature has dealt us a poor hand with the worst drought New England has seen in two decades. And now we are in the throws of a massive heat wave! But we stumble onward, doing the best we can to keep the flowers healthy and happy.

Weddings continue to be a great source of joy for me, as they bring together my best skills; organizing and designing. Every week, I'm in awe of how beautiful muddy feet flower farm weddings are because the flowers that I grow are far superior to those found at the wholesale market or through the mail. Cafe au lait dahlias? Cut daily from the field, and used freely in these late summer weddings.

I have an amazing staff this summer, and I couldn't have a life and run the farm without them. they are talented, hard working and best of all, love flowers as much as I do!

Sarah, a recent transplant from Orcas Island, WA found me through Floret's farmer-florist directory. And Honey has worked for years at a revered farm in South Dartmouth, MA near our beach house in Westport, and makes the most exquisite flower crowns and bracelets.

Ocean-side weddings have been the norm, and the settings couldn't be more beautiful!

Private Residence, Branford, Ct.

St. Thomas' Episcopal Church, New Haven, Ct

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, Ct

Eiola Mansion at Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Norwich, Ct

Candlelight Farm Inn, New Milford, Ct


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