Friday, January 10, 2014

december photo project: final weeks

before the new year gets too far ahead, I wanted to capture the final days of the december photo project.

Day 16

the holiday season is already a distant blur, with snow, travel, the deep freeze and back-to-school all muscling their way into memory's forefront.

Day 17

the boys wake each morning to a new advent surprise. this has become a favorite ritual, almost outdoing the anticipation of gifts on christmas morning. 

Day 18

the end of homer, the odyssey. rip...

day 19

this year's teacher gifts planted the seed for next year's holiday offerings from muddy feet farm!

day 20

nothing like a little naked 'hark the herald!'

day 21

my sugar plum fairy.

day 22

the annual christmas caroling party. with christmas taboo in the schools nowadays, how often do you actually get to bellow out the old holiday standards?

day 23

day 24

waiting for santa. need I say more?

day 25

merry christmas and happy new year!

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